Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-27

  • Last day in the UK! #
  • Why have o2 still not transferred my number? Causing problems. Grr! #
  • Saw physio here, she was wonderful. Says skiing good, kickbox more! Univ physio in Ott working wrong muscles. grateful for bupa! #
  • Love this in the NYT – getting kids excited about programming! 🙂 #
  • Thinking about perfectionism – when is it appropriate, when does it just hold you back and distract you? #
  • Coming out the gym I feel high on life: I've missed this. Now, time to pack (again! Not even over jetlag!) #
  • Arriving tomorrow on flight AC167 from Halifax. Who's coming for sushi? Maroooooooooooo! #
  • I've deleted all my follower notifications for the last month – too many to deal- blame the spammers. Say hello if you aren't a spammer pls! #
  • "The meaning of open" – interesting thinkpiece by Jonathan Rosenberg, google SVP of product mgmt: (via @google) #
  • RT @ zephoria A tremendous critique of bad habit of putting people on pedestals: "Tiger Woods, Person of the Year" #
  • At LHR – check in painless and I've found some random tube map merch for @map_maker #
  • Security lines st LHR ate a nightmare! #
  • Doing solstice shopping at the airport – a truly terrible idea. Hot and frazzled. Changing flights will be a nightmare!! #
  • In halifax! Flight delayed but not sure how much. #
  • So @pinemud appears to be tracking my every move via the Internet. Is this weird behavior? My boyfriend takes far less interest. #
  • Plane boarding – byeee Halifax, it's been fun. Ottawa here I come! #
  • Landed in ottawa! Looking forward to seeing everybody 🙂 #
  • I know some awesome people. Good to see them again. Thanks for coming out guys! #
  • Up early and full of go! Zillion things to catch up on and don't know where to start, so I applied a facemask. Got 10 mins to think now! #
  • I'm on the front page of uOttawa's website, and this is terrifying me rather than pleasing me. Also, there's a typo in the title :'( #
  • Next semester I'm officially TAing java. Still in French though. Feels like a promotion! #
  • RT @DLitz Change in ski plan: Edelweiss Valley (Dec 25); Tremblant (Dec 26 & Jan 1) – I'm in!!!!! Zoom zoom zoom! #
  • Apparently, my friends mom wants to pay me to convince him to marry some girl he doesn't know. I'm not for sale! My life is pretty weird :-s #
  • Another friend is trying to get me commit to being in a specific country 6 months from now. Hahahahahahahaha! Poor guy! 🙂 #
  • Getting inspired by the "We Feel Fine" book. Beautiful, charming, a great example of art meets humans meets computers. #
  • Gahh, want to unlock my iPhone but O2 won't let me into their site 'cos I'm not in the UK :'( #
  • This is beautiful and inspiring – fight for your ideas /by @JonMorrow #
  • I find a there's fine line between being really inspired and feeling like I've wasted the first 24 years of my life and will never catch up. #
  • Going skiing with my favorite @dlitz! Yay! First downhill of the season. Now, where did boyf put my ski boots…? #
  • Good time skiing but not many runs open. Been offered instructor job, need to get a car so I can take it! #
  • Crikey! Post featured on Brazen Careerist again- – in general this week has been v good for my ego. Many opportunities! #
  • I really want custard. Why don't we have any? Pet hobo is telling lies about how custard is made. He's so drunk and crazy. #
  • *Sigh* bought boyf airport express because they told me we didn't need a stereo. Trying to work out whether that's true now. :'( #
  • Quite enticed by thoughts of boxing day madness sales… But need to prep for Monday! #
  • Running low on inspiration. How do you motivate yourself when you need to create something great but feel a bit burnt out? #
  • Have decided to stop panicking about Monday's talk – possibility and change are more important than my fear – #
  • CS curriculum needs to change – why and how – /via @jliyi @hmason #
  • This evening @Jpdaigle and I were talking about organizing a processing jam, anyone else fancy it? #
  • Finally, I'm inspired! Tea, bagel, then I will commence creation. Excited for tomorrow, just in time! #
  • After tomorrow's talk, I'm taking the week off. Probably not, but I'm not setting myself any "goals" other than to relax and have some fun. #
  • Introductory slides for tomorrow's talk up here: (let me know what you think!) #
  • Slides part 2: Art!
    (Thanks everyone for the feedback so far, yes the lego men are v cool!) #
  • I don't understand when randoms talk to me on skype, why they're surprised when I say I don't want to chat – better things to do! Shock! #
  • Slides part 3: life! #
  • Final part of slides – programming! #
  • Details for the talk I'm giving tomorrow – Art, Life and Programming. Everyone welcome! Come if you can and pls RT – #

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